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Introducing Kidenv

 Kids Mobile Playground

The ultimate safe haven for your child's digital exploration! With Kidenv, you can rest assured knowing your little one is engaging with the iPhone in a secure environment, free from any unwanted modifications or access to sensitive content.

🎨✨ Our brand-new Drawing Tool! 🌈🖌️​

Our tool encourages exploration and sparks endless creativity, making learning and play seamlessly intertwined.

Drawing Tool
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Kidenv lets your kid to do:

Watch the photos on your phone

The kid can watch all the photos but can not delete, update or share them.

gallery icon
Watching Photos

Watch the funny videos you made

Kid can play the videos many time, but can not delete, update or share them.

video icon
Watching videos

Take photos and videos

The kid can take as many photos and videos as he wishes. Those photos are not stored on your device.

camera icon
Taking photos
Phone call simulator

Phone Call Simulation is designed to provide a fun and interactive experience for children who love to pretend to make phone calls. Kids can engage in imaginative play by simulating phone conversations with family members and friends.

call icon
Making calls

With Kidenv

  • No more uncomfortable calls or messages from your kid to anybody. Activate “guided access” on Kidenv.

  • Avoid your kid delete/share your photos/videos. Kidenv provides “watch only” access to your fotos/videos.

  • Let your kid take as many photos/videos as desired, don’t  worry about it . Kidenv gives a camera access to take or make videos, but those files are not stored in your device.

Watch the funny videos you made

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